Strategic Consulting: MARKETING ANALYTICS

DATABASEVILLE Market™ analytics is a partnership with your marketing team, we plan, design, and implement a marketing analytics program within a sustainable data-driven environment, providing ongoing service and support to promote better performance, efficiency and more nimble responses to changing dynamics. Enterprises can now more precisely calculate customer sentiment, correctly spot new trends, or use data-centric research to increase brand or product awareness on a continuing basis. DATABASEVILLE Market™ analytics’ focus areas include but are not limited to determining

market size, forecasts, trends, and segments;

brand awareness, preference, and loyalty rates;

pricing and purchase dynamics;

product/service concerns;

Because this service is ongoing, DATABASEVILLE Market™ analytics involves periodic evaluations to measure effectiveness, with improvements and adaptations as necessary to maintain viability.


DATABASEVILLE Compete™ intelligence processes bring enterprises best-in class analytic tools that allow them to gain a more in-depth, clear-cut understanding of their position in the marketplace is it relates to their competition. DATABASEVILLE Compete™ intelligence tools include but are not limited to the following:

Research Analytics to evaluate competitor products, next-generation rollouts, product specifications, service offerings;

Comparative Sales Analytics that target and benchmark pricing structures, product introductions, promotional activities, and sales structures.

Benchmark tools to measure manufacturing/cost structures, distribution channels, and supply chain business processes.

DATABASEVILLE Compete™ intelligence leverages analytics tools to discover similarities, as well as differences, in the organizational aspect of business competition. This can entail competing firms’ investments, organizational changes, corporate strategy, acquisitions, and key executives. 


Strategic Consulting: PRICE OPTIMIZATION

DATABASEVILLE is uniquely qualified to offer DATABASEVILLE Optim™ services, which build on the success of our leading research and deployment of advanced data mining technology.  DATABASEVILLE Optim™ presents an intelligent pricing module that provides the logic to help your business hone in on the right price while maintaining profitability for your products:

DATABASEVILLE Optim™ optimization includes but is not limited to the following ongoing services:

Competing product-matching/comparison analysis;

Competing supply chain/inventory analysis;

Predictive pricing analyses and a basis to formulate pilot programs, strategies and tactics;

Periodic reporting and analytics to modify pricing strategies as required;

Competitor identification, similar product evaluation;


Strategic Consulting: CHURN OPTIMIZATION

DATABASEVILLE Churn™ optimization solution doesn’t just look backward in an attempt to predict the future. It’s an iterative, ongoing approach that relies on advanced analytics segmentation query tools that draw on four major types of data—Behavioral, Financial, Demographic, and Alternate sources—to understand current, future, and past perspectives. 

DATABASEVILLE Churn™ taps into these data assets to identify and categorize your consumer base into measurable groups, from extremely loyal customers and lower potential customers to unpredictable or even highly negative customers who could adversely affect your brand and profitability. Then using various marketing means—cross selling, upselling, affinity marketing, loyalty marketing, managed attrition to discard negative customers, and new customer acquisition, to name a few—you can simultaneously increase market share and increase profit by migrating customers from a lukewarm stance toward a more loyal view of your brand.


Strategic Consulting: DATA MONETIZE

DATABASEVILLE Monetize™ helps customers resourcefully define concepts that have potential for further investigation and exploration into viable data-driven commerce. This analysis includes evaluating market size potential, revenue potential, profitability forecasts, competitors, risks, barriers, and market differentiators, among other data points, with the sky being the virtual limit in terms of all the novel ways companies can profit from their raw data, processed data, public data, behavioral data, purchasing trends, and more.

To minimize our clients’ cost of ownership, our DATABASEVILLE Monetize™ specialists strive to work within the confines of existing platforms that our clients use to capture data whenever possible, making every effort to assimilate new protocols into current software and hardware systems.


Data Analytics Services: BIG DATA ANALYTICS

a. DATABASEVILLE Social Analytics Services

DATABASEVILLE Social™ is our Social Media Analytics consulting service that helps our clients better understand their customers, brand, and competition by integrating data, process, and technologies. Multiple factors driving this trend include social media, smart phones, peer networks, forums, reviews, and more. In this vast ocean of data, there are nuggets of gold that your enterprise marketing, research, sales, and Compete intelligence teams can tap into and use to your benefit. Analytics from Social Media integration will help you:

Understand your brand;

Understand Compete intelligence;

Social Media integration will also help you DRIVE all of those same things, given the correct strategy.

Understand your product or service perception in the marketplace;

Understand the customer, listen and learn from their interactions, follow your customers from an online perspective, and understand your influencers and their clout;

b. DATABASEVILLE Sensor Analytics Services
DATABASEVILLE Sensor™ consulting and development work has taken advantage of a multitude of sensor types, including utility smart meters, healthcare biosensors such as EKGs, HVAC monitors, traffic readings, insurance company automobile sensors, and smart appliances for the home.


DATABASEVILLE’s Big Data Analytics consultants help enterprises develop tools to quickly discover faulty equipment, fraud, and operational inefficiencies, as well as create predictive modeling and forecasting. With deeper data mining, one can even unearth trends and outliers, finding untapped markets that can drive new business models. Combining sensor data with other complementary sensors or operational data provides value that is well beyond the sum of its parts.


Data Analytics Services: BI REPORTING DASHBOARDS

DATABASEVILLE Analytics™ consulting and development service, our BI consultants help you select, optimize and deploy an array of custom as well as pre-built analytics and reporting tools to help you understand your customers, brand, competitors, operations, and market opportunities. DATABASEVILLE offers to help you achieve a robust data analytics environment include:

Strategic Planning, BI Assessments, BI Roadmaps

BI Tool Selection and RFP Assistance

Prototyping and Proof-of-Concept Exercises

Data Migrate, Data Integration

BI Architecture Design and Optimization

Analytics Reporting Automation, Dashboard Development

MDM and Data Governance Guidance


Data Analytic Services: Dashboard Services

The growing demand for advanced digital technology creates both an opportunity and a challenge for enterprises to take advantage of interactive dashboard applications to effectively illustrate key performance indicators and trends. Using leading software tools, our DATABASEVILLE Dashboard™ consulting and development experts allow enterprises to easily obtain snapshot views of their sales, marketing, financial, supply chain, CRM, ERP and other departmental and operational data.

The digital dashboards our DATABASEVILLE Dashboard™ team develops extract quality summations of real-time, relevant data from secure sources to help your business make informed, intelligent choices. DATABASEVILLE data visualizations are presented in clear, logical formats that can get into nitty-gritty detail or be used as a big-picture, executive summary.


Data Analytic Services: Mobile Services

DATABASEVILLE recognizes that market demand for mobile business intelligence applications will only increase over time. With much of today’s workforce conducting business in a more virtual world, the need for quality information in a wireless global marketplace cannot be overstated.

DATABASEVILLE Mobile™, our best-practices mobile BI architectures for those enterprises that require higher efficiency and accessibility in their business processes, regardless of where or when. Our DATABASEVILLE Mobile™ platforms, using centralized cloud-based computing, can and do compete with more traditional DW methods. Better and faster bi-directional data access at your fingertips, with intuitive mobile dashboards, means real-time intelligence, improved employee productivity, better customer service, and a more compete outlook



At DATABASEVILLE, we believe Data Science holds promise as the next giant leap in the evolution of business intelligence to convert data into information and knowledge.  Integrating large volumes of data with advanced analytics techniques, modern computer technology, and domain expertise within specific business sectors, our DATABASEVILLE Science™ service offering springs from our clients’ growing demand to look inside the crystal ball of Big Data to predict the future of their enterprise.

To manage all this data our DATABASEVILLE Data Science specialists use new tools and technologies including Hadoop, MongoDB, Map-Reduce, Natural Language Processing (NLP), columnar databases, NoSQL, Cassandra, Pig, Hive, and Impala, just to name a few. Businesses and organizations now have access to enormous amounts of data that come in as and/or can be converted into a variety of forms: key-value pairs, documents, object notation, text, free-form language, columnar data, etc.

Our DATABASEVILLE Science™ services focus on the following areas:

Predictive Modeling

Advanced Statistical Analysis

Data Mining

Unstructured Data Management

Large Data Volumes

Complex Data Integration

Industry Specific Research

Business Processes Analysis


Data Analytics Services: CRM / Salesforce Analytics

DATABASEVILLE CRM™ analytics and integration framework is designed to supplement and customize applications like, exploiting untapped, undeveloped capabilities within your product to help your organization maximize your investment

Data Integration & Reporting

If your business struggles with getting data into or out of, our DATABASEVILLE CRM™ analytics team has the solution—getting the right data flowing into or out of your instance has never been easier with DATABASEVILLE’s data integration expertise that leverages the power of Jitterbit,’s preferred integration tool.
Ensure your business account plan is set up so your sales teams call on the right customers or prospects, and improve the quality of your sales calls to win more deals. DATABASEVILLE’sanalytic accelerators for CRM are designed to marry the data in with downstream and external data to drive innovation into the sales cycle.

Track Revenue vs. Goals by time, market, product, geography, or customer type. Track fastest growing customer segments, customer loyalty, or measure field-generated leads vs. marketing-generated leads. Overlay sales activity with demographics information or other external data. When you know the right metrics to focus on, your business can be confident that its sales efforts are functioning at the highest level.


Data Management: BIG DATA Architecture

Let DATABASEVILLE’s Big Data consultants help your organization take advantage of many of the best technologies Google, Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo, eBay, and other data giants continue to use and enhance. Our expertise in Hadoop-based platforms, MPP databases, cloud storage systems, and other emerging technologies will help your enterprise get its feet wet with Big Data if you are just embarking on Big Data’s big return or have some infrastructure in place but need some help. We have expertise to help you, including:

Big Data Architects to design your system

Installation and Configuration of Cloudera, Hortonworks, and other Hadoop distributions

Data processing using Hive, Sqoop, Pig, and Spark

Development using Java, Python, and Scala

Integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure environments

NoSQL processing with MongoDB, HBase, and others

Relational analysis with Redshift, Vertica, Teradata and others

Visualization and analysis with Datameer, Alpine Data Labs, Tableau, and others

For more information, or to make an appointment for a personal DATABASEVILLE Data Management demonstration, please complete our contact us form above.


Data Management: Governance Services

DATABASEVILLE’s work to improve our clients’ data governance standards involves a top-down evaluation of data processes, measuring their data’s accuracy, accessibility, consistency, and completeness. Datasets often include the customer master, product master, sales force alignments, “type” management, and various business hierarchies.

With respect to risk management, DATABASEVILLE consultants help clients develop processes to maintain compliance with federal and state regulations that include but are not limited to Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel I, Basel II, and HIPAA. Accounting, marketing, personnel and client data are subject to many of these compliance issues which can overlap and evolve over time, and DATABASEVILLE helps clients develop systematic processes to flag inconsistencies and stay ahead of changing regulations.

If your business is experiencing any of these challenges, DATABASEVILLE’s data governance experts would be pleased to speak with your team about devising and implementing a data governance program to help your organization better manage and control your enterprise data.


Data Management: Optimization Services

DATABASEVILLE Optimize™ services help enterprises get to the heart of what drives your business. Using your priorities as our focus, we develop and recommend appropriate improvements to your Data Warehouse infrastructure, guiding your business in executing best-in-class solutions that will move your business forward.

DATABASEVILLE’s Data Warehouse optimization approach includes but is not limited to the following:

Measurement of performance demand as it relates to existing platform and processing infrastructure (e.g., need for real-time data)

Analysis of data types and data models; consider benefits of breaking down information into more granular data, using data-neutral models to improve data flexibility and query/processing times;

Evaluation of performance issues with regard to expanding automated processes, decreasing query processing times, reducing transcription errors

Processes and procedures to implement and deploy applications to meet time-to-market goals


Data Management: Enterprise Migration Services

DATABASEVILLE Migrate™ specialists have expertise in all aspects of data migration, including storage migration, database migration, application migration, and business process migration. 

DATABASEVILLE’s automated processes and protocols are used to free up resources and decrease transfer times to mitigate unnecessary losses in business productivity. If your enterprise must upgrade and modernize, consolidate business processes, transfer or transform data storage systems. 

DATABASEVILLE’s goal is to help your business spend its resources wisely on solutions that will allow your company to maintain competitiveness and position itself for future success.

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