Analytics transforming Health Care Delivery

On behalf of our healthcare clients, DATABASEVILLE’S healthcare analytics consultants are at the forefront of the healthcare technology field developing Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics initiatives that reconsider the traditional models of healthcare delivery that providers, payers and consumers have relied on in the past. With an entire spectrum of services from assessments, strategies, and roadmaps through solution design, development, and delivery DATABASEVILLE’S aim is to help our clients shift toward new methodologies that better address the latest challenges of Population Health Management and Value Based Reimbursement to achieve better outcomes. Our services address the following challenges:

Measuring the true costs of care delivery;

Designing and adapting delivery system solutions that target new objectives;

Working with payers as preferred partners;

Integrating both clinical and claims data together;

DATABASEVILLE’S healthcare analytics consulting services combines our data management expertise and healthcare experience to help healthcare providers crack data integration/analytics code to adapt to more advanced and beneficial value-based reimbursement models, with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) as a big part of the solution. In 2013, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced doctors use of EHRs rose from 15% to 50%, and hospital use of EHR jumped from 11% to 84%.


Big Data / BI Consulting for Life Sciences

DATABASEVILLE’S Life Sciences team members connect the Big Data/Business Intelligence dots to the opportunities that lie within the data generated from R&D activities, government regulatory compliance, patient level/clinical operations, and marketing and sales processes. Guiding Life Sciences enterprises in navigating appropriate pathways to incorporate advanced technology, DATABASEVILLE has developed pre-built service modules and proven tools that utilize best practice solutions, including but not limited to the following use cases:

Deploy strategic toolsets that support Sales Analytics, Marketing, Market Research, Brand Management, Forecasting, Compete Intelligence, and Incentive Compensation;

Develop an end-to-end solution, establishing a best-practice infrastructure relating to Data Operations, from data acquisition and data quality management (DQM), to exchange with third party partners and other entities;

Achieve bi-directional data Integration with cloud platforms such as, with data supporting CLM (closed loop marketing), medical inquiry tracking, call activity, change request tracking, and product sampling reports;

Effectively integrate and analyze detail-rich patient-level data to gain invaluable, actionable intelligence ahead of the competition; Design and implement Sales Operations data support services for Call Planning, Sales Force Alignment (re-alignment), Incentive Compensation, Sampling, Customer Segmentation, Roster Management, Fleet Management, Event Tracking, and Sunshine Act compliance.


Big Data / BI Consulting for Financial Services

The Financial Services/Insurance Industries have their own unique complexities with products and services that require specific, highly accurate analysis and reporting tools to achieve business goals. DATABASEVILLE has expertise in working with many varied entities under the financial/insurance umbrella, including insurance, reinsurance, commercial lenders, bankers, investment firms, credit card companies, and fund managers.

Several of DATABASEVILLE’s commissions involve helping these firms with the integration of myriad amounts of data, including but not limited to claims, treaties, asset management, real estate management, collateral, compliance documents, regulatory papers, reserves, policies, claims, subscribers, and merger and acquisition activity. Our work in this area has helped clients analyze and make positive changes to their portfolios based on wide-ranging, relatable BI and Big Data analysis that highlights and measures what products and services are more effective or profitable than others – and insights into market trends, competitors, and customer behaviors.


Big Data / BI Consulting for Internet & Tech Firms

DATABASEVILLE works with dot-coms and other internet merchants to organize and store large volumes of disparate data, and then develop effective analytic tools to integrate and make sense of that data to gauge purchasing trends, discover consumer likes and dislikes, measure sales against inventory, improve customer loyalty, and gain other valuable information to maintain enterprise viability and market share.

DATABASEVILLE helps internet companies with technology selection, data integration, timely reporting and analytics architectures, predictive analytics, and more. Data analyzed includes customer information, links, traffic, ads, operations, finance, marketing, sales, 360-degree view of the customer, reviews, logs, scraping, and countless other areas.


Big Data / BI Consulting for Retail & CPG Firms

DATABASEVILLE works with retail and CPG companies to develop highly effective tools to integrate and parse these vast amounts of data, develop comprehensive reporting tools, and measure them against goals. Developing a more accurate picture of a company’s market position can allow a firm to target market more effectively, stay the course on particular strategies, or make course corrections quickly to effect positive change.  DATABASEVILLE has expertise in this exponentially growing area of BI and big data reporting and analytics:

sales, marketing, loyalty marketing, campaigns,

category management, product management,

inventory, distribution, logistics, vendors,

360-degree view of the customer,

SKU and products, product hierarchy,

market basket, product mix, new markets,

DATABASEVILLE also helps with data integration of merger and acquisition activity, product master, customer master, database marketing, market share, competition, and countless other areas.

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